Buyer's Inspection

When buying a home for yourself or buying a commercial building for your business as an investment, an investment inspection will help you make informed decisions and alert you to issues that potentially may need attention at the time of the inspection. This received knowledge will help you in price negotiation as well as pre-planning for maintenance by the level of concern and your budgeting.

If you are looking for a well-qualified inspector to perform an inspection for investment purposes in the Colorado Springs area, you are at the right place. ASC will assist you with your concerns. I will prove to you that a service-friendly handshake, an experienced level of talk, and an adequate amount of time must come with a property's inspection.

· Time is of the essence: Once your broker has submitted your "Offer To Buy" document, it is important to have your inspection tentatively scheduled while waiting for a preliminary acceptance of your terms by the seller. Generally a contract of this formality will have the article that gives you, as a buyer, up to ten or twelve days (more in some cases, including commercial properties) to answer back after further inspection of the property and structure(s). Getting all of the answers or introductory costs you are looking for can take a number of days. Therefore, it is important to have immediate access to the property for inspection during this important period, in order to have as many days as possible for "homework" between the inspection and the "Inspection/Objection" deadline date. Make sure you receive the confirmation of these dates from your broker when you sign your "Offer to Buy" contract.

I'd like to hear from you now while you are here! Call (719) 337-4575 so we can talk about your specific situation. I would like to help you with the contractual options you have at this time as your property inspection specialist.

With ASC Property Inspections, your time and inspection investment is facilitated immediately because time is of essence. Our detailed findings are gathered on a three page, three-part handwritten report form. Your ASC Summary Report is a separate portion that is created for easy reference by outlining the related property condition issues alphabetically "At The Time Of Inspection" [ATOI]. As a client, you will receive two copies at your scheduled appointment time with the immediate information being available for homework and preparing updating/repair services costs, quotations, and/or direct issue negotiations.

My service does not end when the inspection is complete. Your ASC inspector is available, at no charge, for any report clarifications and questions at all times during your homework preparations and well after your closing. Our attention to our client is unmatched in business.

*A Certified Environmental Site Assessment Service

ASC Inspections in Colorado Springs and all Regions Include:

* * * There Are As Many As 400 Separate Conditions Observed With All Property Reports * * *

Property History

· All inspection services include available history records for repairs and upgrades that may have been made to the property.

Digital Images

· We will provide pictures, if requested, of conditions that need attention as well as the issues that will help in addressing potentially resolvable contractual statements.


· The grounds are completely checked for issues relating to the neighborhood, casual conditions as they may apply, the condition of the curbs, walks, driveway-entry, trees, shrubs, lawn, landscape, all fencing, furthest back property communicating conditions, as well as, patios, decks and covers. We pay the most attention to the topography slope at the foundation perimeter in relation to the grading of the yard. We report how ground and roof water has drained away from the home during past storms.

· Roof: overall condition, type of material, estimated age-permitted installation dating, any damage, roof water gutter and downspout systems disbursement evaluation. Specific tree damage or potential future damage by existing tree limb positions and encroachment levels.

Structural Issues

· The interior-exterior foundation

· Foundation sealer, water penetration, material decay and proper ventilation.

· Signs of unusual settling, stress or footer related factors.

· Above ground walls, floors, ceilings, binding or sticking doors and windows.

Heating-Air Conditioning, HVAC Systems

· All equipment is checked for proper operation, air or water flow, potential duct obstructions, line insulation, thermostat operation and carbon monoxide presence..

· Fireplaces, wood burning stoves and space heater flues and dampers

· Available manufacturer specifications are listed for your records and for future service/tune-up requirements.

Water Systems

· Plumbing/water system piping is checked for leaks from the main inlet/shut-off source through the water heater and all exposed pipes and fixtures.

· Pipe material is noted and pressure is checked with a gauge at various points throughout the structure.

· Drain flow rates are noted.

· Water heater--dated, inspected, cycled and checked for proper installation, ignition, water leaks and exhaust ventilation. Manufacturer specifications are provided for your records and the future need for service requirements

Electrical System

· All permanently affixed fixtures and components are inspected for damage. The present condition of each is noted.

· Outlets and switches are tested for existing grounding, polarity and condition.

· GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) outlets are inspected, cycled for function and proper placement.

· Main panel: location, manufacturer, amperage capacity, breaker type, wire type, along with any damages is noted.

· Any related sub-panels are located, inspected and noted for their purpose


· All kitchen and laundry appliances will be cycled and checked (if they are included in the sale of the property).


· Insurance information most specific or requested by insurance providers, will be supplied for your records and your agent's review.

Report Summary

· All inspection information is summarized in alphabetical order by issue and reviewed together. We want you to have a complete understanding of the ASC Reporting System and how it relates to the property at the time of inspection. The individualized report can easily be reviewed with your real estate broker and used as guidance if you as a buyer wish to negotiate.

This home inspection checklist can help you prepare for an upcoming inspection and/or will alert you to what systems an experienced house inspector should report too. We can also handled any necessary bank draw inspection needs, for properties that may require additional construction funding and loans.

*ASC's Buyer's Real Estate Inspection Process is a visual examination of a property's mechanical and structural conditions at the time of inspection that is conducted on behalf of the buyer. It is conducted with care and good communication, exceeding all industry standards, in order to alert the buyer to potential options. The ASC report is the property of the buyer and is not transferable. It does include a summary section that should be used as a checklist. We encourage the buyer to review the information with a Real Estate Professional. The Broker can then correlate the property status with any contractual negotiation options.

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