Commercial Inspections

ASC has been of service to local clients as well as real estate consumers from the West Coast, Arizona, Texas, the Midwest cities of Chicago, Detroit, and the Eastern States for dealings with properties throughout the state of Colorado. Our involvement is regional and has extended to Sedalia, Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Teller/Park Counties, Pueblo, and Cheyenne, Wyoming to the North. Interfacing our commercial inspection service, TSA-ESA environmental assessments and consulting at any distance for our clients has proven to be economical and extremely operational for many specific interests. ASC is and has been a "Highly Valued Real Estate Inspection-Information System of Service" since 1996.

As a buyer or seller of commercial property, you will have a specific interest with a broad range of criteria for us as you anticipate a potential sale or purchase. Our tenure and experience has provided excellent commercial inspections and knowledgeable real estate information that has applied to a variety of commercial type property holdings and opportunities, such as and including:

  • • Hotel - Extended Stay Properties
  • • Motel - Weekly Stay Properties
  • • Professional Office/Medical-Dental
  • • Apartment Buildings & Communities
  • • Condominiums/Duplex-Fourplex, etc.
  • • Large Shopping Centers/Strip/Pads
  • • Auto/Gasoline/Wash - Convenience
  • • Multi Purpose Buildings
  • • Office/Warehouse/Production
  • • Full Service Restaurants/Catering/Retail
  • • Fast Food Chains, Local-National
  • • Church Camps/Retreats
  • • Ranches-Personal or A Working Business
  • • Bed & Breakfast/Accommodation Properties
  • • American Disabilities Act (ADA) Verification's

ASC will provide you an individualized, detailed inspection - verification service that will document a property's history, the condition of the structure and grounds, as well as the history of deferred maintenance, environmental, and upgrade issues. With our report, you'll have a grasp of the overall potential expense that may be required for your investment. Contact (719) 337-4575 to see what we can do for you with our commercial investment inspection.

    Services For Your Consideration

    · Commercial Property Inspections (CPI)A visual inspection of the readily accessible areas and components of a property including but not limited to; buildings, grounds, exterior, foundation, roof, plumbing, hvac, and electrical systems with a basic research for property history documentations.

    · Transaction Screen Assessment (TSA) ASTM 1528 06A preliminary visual inspection of a property, vacant or built, involving questionnaires, pictures, and limited documented research to indicate if there would be the need for a more in-depth Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

    · Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) ASTM E 1527-05A visual assessment involving questionnaires, pictures, extensive records review of a subject parcel, and its' adjoining property(s), for environmental concerns with design to prevent environmental contamination liabilities. Our inspection system can offer options, for you to consider when addressing your intentions for a property in the Pikes Peak Region. We have a track record of being a trusted team member for providing long-distance clients the information for the estimates they will need.

    3rd Party Project Verification

    Our industry lending professionals or project owners/developers can rely on the ASC System for a full Project Verification Service. ASC gives a qualified - local, 3rd party view of a business relationship and project transition, saving many long distance, business-related travel expenses, thereby having the ability to keep key service personnel in-office. This type of report for a commercial or residential project is an illustrated pictorial as well as an inventory count compilation of the materials received monthly on-site to be used in the progress of construction. It documents the ground breaking and reports through all phases of the build to the turn-key completion. ASC provides status reports on excavation, rough-in, structural, partition, and finish material products, as they may apply to the stated or relevant final site-plan specifications. When you require a bank draw inspection specialist who can give you a solid overview for the long run in investments needed during the construction or renovation process, our team is here to assist.

    Our Verification Services can be implemented initially for an environmental assessment and thereafter to coincide with a routine monthly draw sequence while construction continues.

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