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ASC has been of service to local clients as well as real estate consumers from the West Coast, Arizona, Texas, the Mid-West cities of Chicago, Detroit, and the Eastern States for dealings with properties throughout the state of Colorado, since 1996. Our involvement is mostly regional Colorado Springs, Teller/Park Counties, but has also been in Sedalia, Denver, Boulder, Pueblo, and Cheyenne Wyoming to the North, as well. Interfacing our commercial inspection service, TSA-ESA environmental assessments and consulting at any distance for our clients has proven to be economical and extremely operational for many specific interests. ASC is and has been a "Highly Valued Real Estate Inspection-Information System of Service" since 1996.

As a buyer or seller of commercial property, you will have a specific interest with a broad range of criteria for us as you anticipate a potential sale or purchase. Our Tenure and experience has provided commercial inspections and the real estate information that has applied to a variety of commercial type investment property holdings and opportunities, such as and including:

  • •• Apartment Buildings & Communities
  • •• Hotel - Extended Stay Properties
  • •• Motel - Weekly Stay Properties
  • •• Professional Office/Medical-Dental
  • •• Condominiums/Duplex-Four plex, etc.
  • •• Large Shopping Centers/Strip/Pads
  • •• Auto/Gasoline/Wash - Convenience
  • •• Multi Purpose Buildings
  • •• Office/Warehouse/Production
  • •• Full Service Restaurants/Catering/Retail
  • •• Fast Food Chains, Local-National
  • •• Church Camps/Retreats
  • •• Ranches-Personal or A Working Business
  • •• Bed & Breakfast/Accommodation Properties
  • •• American Disabilities Act (ADA) Verification's

The list below is an outline of the major items covered by our thorough selling & buying inspection processes that exceed all industry standards. Within these major categories, we report to you on more than 400 items. Since properties differ, the list below is only a guideline but we always address inspection issues that are considered beyond the scope of a competitors inspection. (The 'Extra Reporting' items will carry additional service charges.)
· Curbs & Walks
· Street Lighting
· Trees, Bushes, Lawn
· Siding Materials
· Trim Boards
· Entryways
· Weatherstripping
· Gutters / Downspouts / Ext
· Chimney Type & Condition
· Structural Integrity Issues
· Water Heater
· Piping
· All Kitchen Appliances
· Foundation Type / Sealing
· Insect Presence / Signs
· Electric Panels / Sub / Amps
· Insurance Information
· Central Air Conditioning
· Driveway & Apron
· Hydrant Location
· Slope / Grade / Drainage
· Soffits / Fascia Boards
· Ext. Windows & Sills
· House & Garage
· Caulking / Sealing
· Roof Age and Materials
· Decks / Patios / Covers
· Furnace System / Ducting
· Plumbing / Drains
· Fixtures & Faucets
· Doors / Windows / Hardware
· Moisture / Mold Presence
· Attic / Insulation / Ventilation
· Electric Outlets & Switches
· Sump Pumps

Extra Reporting:

· Wells / Water Yield
· Septic
· Leaching Fields
· Radon Testing
· Lead Paint
· Laboratory Issues
· Certified Environmental Assessments This home inspection checklist will help you prepare for an inspection and also give you an idea of what a thorough home inspection covers. A thorough property inspection such as this by ASC will be one of your most valuable assets in negotiation for the sale or purchase of a new home.

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