Military Discount


From a fellow Veteran:

"I'm a disable veteran, and he took the time to call me at least 4 or 5 times to follow up and make sure everything was taken care of. What outstanding service! I could not have asked for a better experience. I would recommend them to anybody. They did an outstanding job, and I hope to encourage other people to use this service as they need it."

- Harley Anderson, Colorado Springs

As a Veteran myself I understand what Military life can be. Adjustments to the many transitions of that part of one's life can be stressful and emotional. Although, being a member of the Armed Forces of this United States of America can be exhilarating as well. For those who have given their share or the individuals who are defending our freedoms today, I extend my thanks and gratitude to you for your sense of duty for our country. I would hope that this token of appreciation my company offers and I extend to you in support of your desire to serve will help you in your transitions into our Colorado Springs community and your new home.

Thank you for your service!

May God Bless America In These Times

Senior, Fellow Veteran and Active Duty Military Discount: $25


As a United States Navy Veteran, Walter Kuntsmann is supportive of our troops. Begun in 1999, the military home inspection discount is for all fellow Veterans and active duty personnel. The property inspection discount applies whether you are buying or selling a home (or commercial property).

When time is an issue, we will provide service and information within 24-72 hours. ASC is a long distance friendly provider. When re-positioning orders bring you to any of the military bases in Colorado Springs, call me. I'll assist you during your transition... if you are leaving, call me. With an ASC Seller's home inspection and review system I can see that your home issues are best organized for your home to get ready for your broker's introduction to your community's marketplace. Preparing your home will minimize the hassle of demand within a Contract To Buy and the "Inspection Objection Date" prevision in that contract.

A Client's Testimonial

I recently sold my property, and we're all aware that the negotiating process can be a difficult and stressful time for the seller. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Walter Kuntsmann (ASC Property Inspections), and having Wally oversee the attention to maneuvering the numerous property issues that surfaced during the buyers inspection was a "peace of mind" that was openly welcome while I tried closing the property deal I []... and unable to personally handle several property maintenance issues that could have compromised the real [] deal, and Wally always ensured that my needs were met, and that i never had a reason to worry about the job not getting done. Wally's professionalism and a tireless approach towards a client's success are just a few of the traits that I found to be important and beneficial towards the objective of selling my property. The sense of trust Wally brings to the table is something that is truly lacking in today's world. If you're searching for a highly qualified Property Inspection/Maintenance Coordinator, then I recommend Walter Kuntsmann as your representative to ensure that your's home's maintenance issues are identified and professionally resolved.